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William Arcane - Permanence
12" Vinyl
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William Arcane


Pictures Music

Released: 10th June 2013 | 5 track downtempo ep

Honing his craft from his live-in studio above a South London public house, William Arcane weaves striking vocal leads through impeccable electronic production and sound design.

Having experimented for years, Permanence represents a young producer reaching maturity. William Arcane has created something incredible incorporating sounds found in London's clubs, streets and his own beautifully considered vocals.

"His new EP, Permanence, is an enticing shop window for his talent. Songs such as Safety - its lyric of reassurance undermined by portentious brass stabs - and the Bach-like, Mike Paradinas-recalling Not The Only One point to what will surely be an extraordinary debut album."
The Sunday Times, The Sunday Times
"Want Somebody “turns out to offer much more than may first meets the eye. Following the faintly Drake-ish introductory swells, the opening vocal refrain is introduced like one of a gazillion other pitched R&B samples before it – but soon turns out to be a plaintive, longing melody delivered by William himself. There’s plenty of gusto built underneath all this – with Want Somebody crescendoing around exuberant, LuckyMe-style synths.”"
Dummy Mag
"“‘Electronic artist, yada yada, this guy sings and it sounds wonderful’ we excitedly chattered in a Neu Bulletin having heard 'Not The Only One', and 'Want Somebody' is even more enticing, spilling its emotion-ridden guts for the first half before an intoxicating synth line enters the scene like an explosion in the foreground. It's Arcane's skill of segueing deep, heady electronic tracks with bombastic mid-sections such as these that's the real big draw.”"
DIY, Neu Magazine
"We’re digging this track “Want Somebody” with its tight electronic production and Arcane’s own soulful vocals smoothly gliding across."
LA Canvas
"An expertly put-together blend of pitch-shifted vocals and hard, driving beats."
Larry Fitzmaurice, Pitchfork