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Phat Chex - Can't Stop / Git da Funk
12" Vinyl
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Phat Chex

Can't Stop / Git da Funk

Apple Pips

Released: 19th November 2012 | 2 track techno single

A real treat up next for you on Apple Pips, coming from talented Plymouth based beatsmith Phat Chex ...

Phat Chex aka Ben Pooley came to Apple Pips attention through the DJ/promoter Necta Selecta, who was repping Chex

beats at the legendary Subheavy parties. When Necta dropped 'Git Da Funk', it was a case of who the ruddy heck is this by?! A

friendship was struck up, and tune swapping has resulted in these two beauties being dropped on wax..A versatile producer who sums

up the current bass scene's openminded attitude to genres and influences, Chex is at home making deep electro, heads down techno,

smokey jazzed out house, or post whatever bass music..

'Can't Stop' has been a mainstay of Appleblim's sets for some time now. The broken techno rhythms, chopped breaks and

experimental sound design combine to deadly effect, rolling and building to an ambient breakdown that seems to last an age...before

the smoke clears and the choppiest teched-out riff emerges and takes all and sundry with it...this track is a real trip, and never fails to

amaze on the dancefloor...for fans of 2562, T++, Surgeon, Ancient Methods...

Flip over to find Chex crafting UK bass / house, with the piano drenched jam 'Git Da Funk''. The fattest kick this side of

Dance Mania cuts through the mix, while washy synth pads swirl around swung hats, and warm deep subs, before a deep phasing piano

riff swells and ebbs into sight..think Levon Vincent meets Tyree inna Plymouth bus-station cafe soundclash...!