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Lrusse & Bleecker - Dot Product
12" Vinyl
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Lrusse & Bleecker

Dot Product

Apple Pips

Released: 1st July 2013 | 2 track deep house single

Dot Product dives out of the speakers with a direct hook of a lead synth, but all around it shards of

sonic matter flutter and twirl in the finely spaced mix, from micro-samples of percussion to dismembered

vocal snippets. With a limber, easy-strutting beat and some sub-baiting bass to boot, the track manages

to be both leftfield and utterly accessible all in the same breath.

Plotting a less obvious course, Stairwell comes to life in an atmospheric haze of found sounds and

shapeless drones, until a subtly swung beat slips through a crack and into the foreground. The same

embrace of intricate detail is present on this cut, but wielded in a more restrained setting that rises slowly

over the duration rather than kicking in from the off. Even the central melody comes draped in a finely

filtered veneer that implies as much as it elicits, making for the perfect foil to the unabashed extrovert A-side.