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Komon - So Easy
12" Vinyl
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So Easy

Apple Pips

Released: 9th December 2013 | 2 track techno single

So Easy kicks the record off in sassy fashion with a limber turn that matches the crisp 2-step

swagger with slick dashes of melody and vocal sharpened to a fine point to accentuate the groove, like all

good garage content should. The bass line meanwhile wobbles in perfect semblance with the beat, hitting

every conceivable spot for a straight-up dancefloor burner.

Taking a more measured path into the heart of the party, Cosmic Jon comes on tender at first as

delicate trickles of melody and warm bass interweave around a simple kick, clap and hat pattern. Of

course it can't stay too civilised for long, and sure enough some rude bottom end grind comes bowling in

and the beat starts twitching in earnest. It's a set of drums that reside at the housier end of the garage

spectrum, but shuffle and swing they do all the same, while all around a rich tapestry of keys inject the

soul into the track. With some choice spiritual guidance intoned in the vocal sample, Cosmic Jon makes

for a truly uplifting slice of contemporary 4x4 business.

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Christian Martin, dirtybird
"“Ohhhh yesss , SO EASY is brilliant - full support"
laurent garnier
"“this ep is fucking amazing. thank you. both tracks are class!”"
"“Liking the sound of So Easy, thank you”"
maya jane coles
"“Nice vibes"
roska, rinse
mak and pasteman, hypercolour / naked naked
"“yes yes! feeling so easy”"
my nu leng, black butter