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Wicked Messenger - Dreamer / Redeemer
CD Album
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Wicked Messenger

Dreamer / Redeemer

Plague Recordings

Released: 23rd December 2013 | 3 track ambient ep

Wicked Messenger was created in autumn 2006 in Germany by Martin Kränzel, as a means of bringing truly dark and grand ambient music to the world. The music of Wicked Messenger juxtaposes the religiousity of music with modernism, creating an anarchic hybrid of monumental sounds and expressions. A soundscape like no other. A rite of passage. Dreamer|Redeemer is a continuation and a further development of what has been achieved with 'Officium Nocturnum', an exploration of the realms where the within and the without coincide. It consists of two movements and an interlude. It is monumental.

"Massive & mysterious abysmal ambient."
Stefan Knappe, Troum/Maeror Tri