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zK - Aethyr Jumpers
CD Album
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Aethyr Jumpers

Plague Recordings

Released: 23rd December 2013 | 7 track ambient album

Aethyr Jumpers marks the unheimlich return of Mark Godwin and Gareth Ormerod aka zK, a pair of respected ambient conceptualists with a discography including work for Coil, Forced Nostalgia and Skam.

zK was formed in 1999. Projects have encompassed an atypical spectrum of both concepts and clients, covering theatre, remix, broadcasting and live performance.

"A haunting piece of work, arranging sombre solo piano around a morphing backdrop of noxiously gaseous electro-acoustic textures, mottled rhythms and disembodied voices, all pieced together with a slowly revealing, ritualist agenda that commands focussed observation, interaction and listening through each of its seven stages."