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Prince - Dance 4 Me (12" Single)
12" Vinyl
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Dance 4 Me (12" Single)

Purple Music

Released: 12th December 2011 | 4 track funk ep
The musician that brought us such glorious hits as 'Kiss' or even 'Purple Rain', a man that went on to become one of THE biggest influences on a worldwide scale earning him Seven Grammys and ten Platinum albums selling over 90 million copies... ! PRINCE was included by the Us Magazine Rolling Stones in the the 100 most influental artists of the world!! The first single 'Dance 4 Me' (from the album 'IMPLSoUND') will be released exclusively worldwide on December 12th, including Originals, David Alexander ,Brian Matrix & Jamie Lewis Mixes on LIMITED PICTURE DISC , VINYL 12 & CD SINGLE PRINCE is a unique artist who plays 26 instruments and has roughly 1000 unreleased songs at his first class Paisley Park Analog Studio in Minneapolis, is once again heading into the club direction. DANCE 4 ME is a mix between Funk, House and a big room sound that will appeal not only to Prince fans but also the whole new club generation... they will love it! Releasing music of this iconic superstar, who has penned countless hits for bChaka Khan, The Bangles, Sinead O'Connor and others... it's a massive honour !!