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Jamie Lewis & Cosmo Klein - Seven Days
12" Vinyl
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Jamie Lewis & Cosmo Klein

Seven Days

Purple Music

Released: 23rd July 2012 | 2 track house single

Teaming up with Syke n Sugarstarr & DBN from Hamburg COSMO hits the Dancecharts in several countries like Britain, Spain, Austria, France and staying on No. 1 for several weeks in Germany with My Belief. The Song BEAUTIFUL LIE, a cooperation with Keemo & Tim Royko became a huge No. 1 Hit in Portugal and Brazil. In Portugal his fans let Cosmo win the BEST LIVE ACT AWARD 2011 of one the biggest portoguese radiostations NOVA ERA. 2, 7 Million clicks on You Tube only for beautiful lie speak for itself.

The song FEEL ALIVE, written & composed by Cosmo & Jean Elan also reached international awareness hitting the floors and radiostations in Mexico, Canada, USA, Russia and Germany reaching 2 Million clicks on You Tube up to now. FEEL ALIVE and the new rocking single with producer Tim Royko called EVERLASTING NOW managed to manifest the rising success of Cosmo in Germany, internationally and especially in Portugal by being top ten airplay hits on national radiostations and finding huge support on the dancefloors as well.

2012 is full of more highlights he will team up with legendary producers like Tocadisco & getting back together with Jean Elan again, and now he presents his debut on Purple Music

With SEVEN DAYS that is already in several dj and radio charts!

The videoclip will be presented Monday 9th july on youtube!