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Im Namen Des Volkes - Aus Den Anti-Imperialistischen Tagebüchern
CD Album

Im Namen Des Volkes

Aus Den Anti-Imperialistischen Tagebüchern

Peripheral Minimal

Released: 16th December 2016 | 19 track electropop album

Peripheral Minimal is proud to announce the forthcoming album, 'Aus Den Anti-Imperialistischen Tagebüchern', by In Namen Des Volkes.

INDV is the brainchild of Hamburg resident Matthias Schuster (also of Bal Paré, Das Institut,Geisterfahrer and others), and creates a more heavy-weight style of Minimal Synth in the spirit of D.A.F., or even early Front 242. The tracks were taken directly off cassettes and reworked with added vocals, whilst maintaining the original 80s recording techniques of 4-track and purely analogue instrumentation, strictly no plug-ins or digitalism here!

Matthias has been actively producing complex synthetic sounds since the late 1970s, having released seminal albums and singles on respected labels such as, Plastic Frog, Minimal Wave and Medical Records. His passion for all things analogue seems to be irrepressible, devoting a considerable amount of time to myriad projects each with their own unique qualities and sonics. He musically switches from Neue Deutsche Welle stylings, to Minimal Synth and proto-EBM with great dexterity and a rare continuing dedication.

The album is presented in a luxurious digipak and limited to 300 copies. Recorded between 1980 – 2015. Artwork by Kilgore Trout.

"For those of you enamoured with the earliest burblings in chilly European electro-punk and still willing to believe there’s life in the old circuits yet, Aus den Anti-Imperialistischen Tagebüchern should more than satisfy your needs"
Heathen Harvest, Online Zine