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Slovenska Televiza - Documento
12" Vinyl
Out 5th October 2018
Out 5th October 2018

Slovenska Televiza


Peripheral Minimal

Expected: 5th October 2018 | 5 track synth pop ep

Slovenska Televiza are a two-piece act based in Valladolid and Barcelona. They produce music that is hard to define with simple comparisons or oblique generalisations, but perhaps an amalgam of Minimal Synth and Coldwave would best express their 'sound'. With that in mind, there is also a melancholy underpinning this release, perhaps it's the haunting vocals of Lunademayo, or the heavily reverb laden soundscapes of Wladyslaw Trejo's analogue synths. You'll have to wait patiently to find out....


Slovenska Televiza is a minimal electronics duo based in Valladolid and Barcelona. Wladyslaw Trejo and Lunademayo stays close to coldwave then expands to avant-garde and experimental approaches, reaching a proposal as strange as it is fascinating.

It must be said that Slovenska Televiza is not only limited to the musical arena, its commitment extends to other artistic facets as already shown with their very special debut, a performative action implemented in Latvia, where they traveled to leave behind the entire output in several locations.

- Slovenska Televiza