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Walrus Ghost - Uplifting Themes For the Naysayer
Vinyl LP
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Walrus Ghost

Uplifting Themes For the Naysayer

Project: Mooncircle

Released: 17th February 2014 | 10 track downtempo album

Walrus Ghost's 'Uplifting Themes For The Naysayer' is essentially a conversation between organic sound and artificial design. Immersed in rich textures and the meticulous processing of analog instrumentation, the songs facilitate moments of exchange between tranquil subtleties and abrasive tensions. These intertwining moments come and go as the record plays out, but they follow us throughout, leaving us with a soundscape that exists in both beautiful harmony and eerie decay.

"Seventwentyone' feature:"
Tom Ravenscroft, BBC 6 Music
The Editors' New Groove, VICE / Thump
"Free dwnld 'Seventwentyone':"
"Quote: 'Lovely!"
Mary Anne Hobbs, BBC 6 Music
Thristian (Boiler Room), NTS Radio
"Quote: 'I will be featuring on BBC Radio 3 next month – wonderful stuff!"
Nick Luscombe, BBC Radio 3
"Quote: 'Reminds me of very early Savath and Savalas or maybe Corker Conboy. Fantastic tracks."
Kelpe, Drut Recordings
Sound Colour Vibration, Sound Colour Vibration
Deftune, Deftune
"Quote: 'Deep. Vibes. Really enjoyed this!"
Tim Parker, NTS Radio