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Groeni - Hewn
12" Vinyl



Project: Mooncircle

Released: 16th March 2015 | 5 track downtempo ep

Created at the foot of Mount Taranaki, 'Hewn' is the sophomore release by Wellington, NZ based producer / musician Groeni. Representing a departure from one idea in order to rediscover and understand another, the record deals with the interactions of two sets of people, paralleling and contrasting them. Throughout the record, the lines become blurred - subjects merge and intertwine, adopting combined, often confused perspectives.

There are links between the songs, things tie together and reappear at various points. Certain words, subjects and sounds are cut up and redistributed between the five songs. - Alexander Green / Groeni

While retaining the melancholic / dark-pop quality of his previous EP, this record further explores UK bass music from a south west pacific perspective. Using elements of lo-fi mixed with clean production and resampling field recordings and digital synths through tape players and old microphones, Groeni creates an intimate and eery atmosphere that will draw in and mesmerize his listeners.

'Hewn' comes out worldwide on limited vinyl and limited handmade cassette edition (both including download code).

Late Junction, BBC Radio 3
"…like a circuit-bent lament. A dirge for the wandering soul."
Jeremy Sole, KCRW - Los Angeles, US
Om Unit, Civil Music
"Atmospheric, Great!"
Ango, LuckyMe
"Exclusive Stream:"
Line Of Best Fit
Tom Ravenscroft, BBC 6 Music