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Submerse - Stay Home
Vinyl LP
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Stay Home

Project: Mooncircle

Released: 25th May 2015 | 7 track downtempo ep

Taking in the smooth silky feeling and textures of 90's Slow Jams and R&B music videos, 'Stay Home' converts these into submerse's unique style of beats. Aiming to work as the soundtrack to urban scenes of life, whether you're roaming the city streets at night or by just staying home and capturing these moments from a window. 'Stay Home' also ventures into footwork rhythms on a few occasions. The cover-photo is shot from submerse's apartment just after sundown.

Back living in Shibuya on the 9th floor I can see day turn to night and watch the city breathe. - submerse

While his first EP's and his recently released debut album 'Slow Waves' dealt with nostalgia and exploring the city life of Tokyo, submerse has finally found a place to stay and call home.

'Stay Home' comes out worldwide on limited vinyl, including download code on the 26th of May, 2015.

"Wonderful silky, dreamy footwork.' + Feature:"
Phil Taggart, BBC Radio 1
"Always great to hear more from Submerse. Trip’ immediately had my undivided attention. One of his most exciting and personal releases in my opinion. Debuts:"
Sean Keating, Boiler Room
Nemone, BBC 6 Music
Resident Advisor
"Rob Orme makes the type of beats that make you feel like you’re in a bubble. Premiere:"
"This album is beautiful. Such a good fusion of hip hop, soulful slow jams and footwork. Vibes."
James Hutchins, i-D / VICE
The Fader