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Kafuka - Laws of Nature
Vinyl LP


Laws of Nature

Project: Mooncircle

Released: 26th May 2017 | 7 track downtempo album

To forget the pursuit of harmony.
To recall the past to make a future.
Forever seeing yourself reflected, feeding back in eternal repeating cycles.
A dialog with oneself within the natural world.
Choosing a final destination as the journey ceaselessly repeats.
I hope to share what I've experienced in this big journey.
I hope you will feel both a sense of nostalgia, and a sense of newness.
That makes our harmony.

– Kazuomi Eshima




懐かしさや新しさを同時に感じることが出来たなら… 良いと思っている。

'Laws of Nature' comes out worldwide on limited vinyl (including download code) & limited edition CD via Perfect Touch in Japan.

"Another superb release on this wonderfull label."
Laurent Garnier, Radio Meuh, FR
"A dreamy collage of evolving soundscapes:"
Staff, XLR8R, US
"Another gorgeous release on the ever fine label:"
Nemone, BBC 6 Music, UK
"Beautifully conceived production skills executed with passion."
Jay Scarlett, Puls, GER
"News Feature:"
Resident Advisor