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Nuage - WILD
2 x Vinyl LP
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Project: Mooncircle

Released: 26th May 2017 | 13 track techno album

WILD is the most complete musical work by Nuage up to date. Following a thought-out plan from beginning to finish - with a real introduction, development, and conclusion - the album is influenced foremost by the sun, sea and tropics. The music slowly evolves from warm and uplifting songs towards colder and more mysterious realms.

Taking a full year to finish the album, including the entire change of season from summer to winter, memories of trips to Mexico, the mountains, and the seaside fade away and are replaced by days at home and in the studio in cold St. Petersburg. At the same time the music itself goes through a very personal development from outgoing moments to parts of personal reflection.

Without adding too much weight or philosophy to the music, the album is an easy and natural listening experience that explores contrasting and at times contradicting themes between summer and winter, cold and warm, introverted and extroverted and many layers in between, while also harmonizing the musical past, present and future of Nuage.

Following his critically acclaimed Neida EP from 2015 (FACT, BBC Radio 1, thump, XLR8R, Clash, Ransom Note, among many others), WILD comes out worldwide in limited colored double vinyl and features such guests as his friend BOP, Brooklyn based BAILE, Olga Maximova (Harp), and Belle (of Left Rib).

"Gorgeous album!"
Tom Ravenscroft, BBC 6 Music
"It’s a good roller."
Jamz Supernova, BBC Radio 1
Nemone, BBC 6 Music
"Nuage expands on emotionally charged, elevating music with his latest LP “Wild”."
Steve Rickinson, Deep House Amsterdam
"Title Track is super beautiful! Whole album is great in fact, very unique production & sounds."
Claus Schwartau, VICE Magazine
"Review 8.5/10: The narrative electronics of Nuage embraces experimental lovely landscapes and provides an excellent use of sampling."
Diego Fernández, DJMag
"Nuage is truly planning to push himself further than ever!"
Kristi Shinfuku, Magnetic Magazine
"There’s a warmth and cosiness to his productions – a mix of neo-classical ambience, sultry future 2-step and feather-light deep house – that are undoubtedly due to hunkering down, but others are the sonic offspring of memories of summers."
Stephen Worthy, Mixmag