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Long Arm - Darkly
2 x Vinyl LP
Out 2nd November 2018

Long Arm


Project: Mooncircle

Expected: 2nd November 2018 | 14 track downtempo album

I conceived 'Darkly' in 2015 as a piano album. I was fascinated by this instrument and couldn't think about electronic music at all. I spent a lot of time in front of the instrument before my fingers could play what was needed. And at some point, I got a few solo piano tracks, but they sounded very raw and unfinished. Almost at the same time, I was getting back into experiments with electronic music and focussed more on recording piano in an electronic context. Paying more attention to different textures and multilayeredness. I was working on soundtracks for films by NOIR Films and this helped me finish two compositions, which later determined one of the directions of the album and served as a bridge between the solo piano compositions I recorded at the beginning, and the new electronic tracks. At the beginning of 2018, I got back to the first solo piano tracks to give them a finished form, adding the missing elements that I could not hear three years earlier.

I wanted to make a piano album, but I got the album which was formed by itself and became a result of my experiences, worries, and events of my life that occurred during these few years.

I dedicate this work to a human, which shares this life with me, supports me and believes in me like nobody else! I dedicate it to my wife.

'Darkly' comes out worldwide on limited, double, grey vinyl (including download code) & digital.