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Tr One - Living In, Now
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Tr One

Living In, Now


Released: 9th July 2012
Living In, Now [05:07]
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Herd Of Trains [05:39]
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Love Letter [09:00]
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TR-One are analogue-obsessed soul assassins from deepest Carlow who try to join the dots between Charlie Parker, Arthur Russell and Juan Atkins. Also known as Broken Audio Movement (when playing records), they were responsible for POGO001 & get the love from the Infinite State Machine crew, Little White Earbuds, Apartment Records, the Fine Art label, and now us again at POGO Recordings. Living In, Now is out on limited vinyl and full digital release in July 2012

"This one gets the support from me"
Ben Klock, Ostgut Ton / Berghain
"'Living In, Now' is cool, will play it"
Morgan Geist, Metro Area / Storm Queen
"Digging 'Living In, Now'"
Moodymann, Mahogani Music
"These are wicked! Proper biz"
Mark E, Spectral Sound
"'Living In, Now' is totally up my alley! Raw jacking basement grooves! 'Herd Of Trains' would fit my more techno orientated sets"
Delta Funktionen, Delsin
"'Living In, Now' is great, love it!"
John Daly, Wave Music / Drumpoet
"Really liking 'Herd of Trains'. Will play for sure"
DJ Deep, Deeply Rooted
"Im a big fan of the EP, very strong release"
San Soda, We Play House
"Holy shit! Super raw but killer stuff. Best EP I've got in a while. 'Love letter' is my favorite."
Mano Le Tough, Permanent Vacation / Inte
"Liking it very much. All 3 tracks hit the spot."
Eamon Harkin, Mr Saturday Night