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Thumbs Aloft - Bedmo Disco Vol 1
12" Vinyl
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Thumbs Aloft

Bedmo Disco Vol 1

Pointless Edits

Released: 11th June 2007 | 3 track single
Introducing a brand new re-edit series from sunny Bristol: home of Baldrick, Brunel and a bloody great suspension bridge. First up on the non-stop festival of pointlessness is ‘Bedmo Disco’ from West Country chancers Thumbs Aloft. We can’t reveal their identities for fear of ghoulish reprisals, but suffice to say one has a beard and the other likes hip-hop. It’s a winning combination. The dubiously-named ‘Bedmo Disco’ EP kicks off with ‘Stick Around’, which has already picked up support from the Unabombers, Tom Middleton, Chris Duckenfield, Frank Tope, Moonboots and Joey Negro. It’s a six-minute slab of mop top-shaking Balearic discofunk with more kazoos, saxes and crazy synth twiddles than your average boozed-up busking session. We’re reliably informed that even one-legged models think it rocks. Flip over for ‘TK Max’, a percussive disco beast crafted from cheap end-of-sale outcasts that no other producers would touch, and ‘Pedalo Disco’, the track that sent Freddie Flintoff on a crazed Caribbean drinking spree.
"Stick Around is great! Grooving round the house to it as we speak!"
Rob Da Bank
"The original is a classic. Good remix, re-edit, whatever you call it. I’d play it the show and probably out as well."
Annie Mac
"Brilliant – I love kazoos!"
Chris Duckenfield (Swag)
"Liking ‘Stick Around'!"
The Unabombers
"Nice – will give this a spin at my next gig"
Tom Middleton
"Good backroom disco"
Joey Negro
"The funk/disco heads will love it!"