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Various Artists - 20 years pt1
12" Vinyl
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Various Artists

20 years pt1


Released: 1st September 2014 | 4 track techno ep

In 1994 we released our first record, the double album Pomelo Compilation which featured friends who played with us during some of the notorious Pomelo nights in Vienna, that had started one year before. This is the first of 2 EP´s with exclusive tracks by some dear friends from Vienna, celebrating the 20th anniversary of Pomelo Records: This first part features new recordings by Patrick Pulsinger & Sam Irl, Altroy aka. TJ Hicks, Buffered Multiple aka. Microthol and DJ Glow.

"Really good collection of songs"
John Tejada
"i am head over heels in love with this record!"
"As I always say.. this is timeless stuff. And that´s why I´m still into the label, 20 years of incredible electronic music."
Angel Molina
"Great release overall but my favs are Pulsinger, Altroy, Buffered Multiple and Tin Man all of them great tracks!"
"wickid release! pulsinger in great form here, great tracks overall!!!"
Axel Boman
"that shit is hottttttttt!"
"damn it`s good !!!"
Slack Hippy
"really cool tracks!!!!"
Alfredo Caforio
"super track von glow"
Electric Indigo