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Various Artists - Boum Tchic Tchak
2 x CD Album
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Various Artists

Boum Tchic Tchak

Poor Records

Released: 1st February 2010 | 28 track pop album
The idea of a musical compilation for children took seed little by little. Initially envisioned as an extension of the role of their starry-eyed little miss DJ, the project soon took a much more universal turn. The basic concept, of a music compilation for babies and pregnant women, was rapidly enriched by the work and influence of the many artists involved to the project. They fed their influence, respective capabilities and style into the mix, and the result: we are taken in by the Quenum's African rythms and enchanted by an electronic nursery rhyme from DJ Lad. Their double compilation - a dynamic mix of musical material - was forged around two principal themes - the first, awakening and motion, is soberly entitled Wake Up, and the other, based around sleep and bedtime is entitled, of course, Sleep Well. The link between these two contrasting themes is, of course, the world of children, but it is also that of electronic music production. That is, music based on computer programming (even if, in some cases, there might be some analogue intruments involved). Sonic creative freedom gave life to an uncomparable patchwork of influences, creating a extraordinary musical toy, and quite surprisingly, an effective pedagogical tool, that opens up kids' minds, as well as those of their parents, to an unexpected facet of electronic music, where it meets the magical world of childrens' imagination - let yourself be swept away. Includes exclusive tracks by Chloe, Le Tone, Amiina, Howie B & Craig Richards, The Gasman, Ivan Smagghe & Tim Paris, Seelenluft, Supermayer, Colleen, Tocotronic and many more.
"Leftfield Recommendations February 2010 / Juno Recommends Leftfield"
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