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Fortuna - Less Is More (feat. Asia Argento)
12" Vinyl
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Less Is More (feat. Asia Argento)

Poor Records

Released: 1st February 2010 | 4 track ep
Dark and lecherous. On the dancefloor, the musical world of Fortuna echoes like these two words : it is scheming, magnetic and hypnotic. No wonder their biggest fan is Asia Argento. At the point that the actress has added her voice on five tracks on their forthcoming album. Fortuna is Kid Chocolat, The Knack and VJ Oil. Includes remixes by In Flagranti, Jon Gurd and Davy Bergier
"Jon Gurd Rmx on John Digweed - Kiss FM Playlist - February 13th 2010"
John Digweed,
"I am definitly going to play the Jon Gurd Remix of Less Is More, really nice remix."
Seelenluft, Gigolo / Klein Record
"The remix by In Flagranti is a little ecstatic dark-disco killing."
Tsugi Magazine
"veryyyyyy nice music i love it :)"
Matthew Flint
"I love the original a lot. I'll add it to my radio playlist! 6/7"
Laurent Garnier (F.Com)
"I like the remix ba In Flagranti. I'll play it for sure ! 6/7"
Maxime Dangles (Kompakt)
"KCRW loves Jon Gurd's remix!"
KCRW Radio (Los Angeles)
"TOP-10(WINTER-2010) Presents Dj Paikt "
DJ Paikt,