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Davy - Computer Boy EP
12" Vinyl
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Computer Boy EP

Poor Records

Released: 15th February 2010 | 4 track ep
Damn, this track is powerful. Luz (Tsugi, Charlie Hebdo) The perfect combination of pop and electronic Kid Chocolat (Poor Records) This is fresher than fresh, nice tunes from a nice guy - this man has taste! Louie Austen (The electro crooning loungelizard / LA Music) Computer Boy is some of the most creatively refreshing music I have heard in quite some time. Davy is really pushing the boundaries with this fantastic release. Computer Boy is in steady rotation at Music Dealers! Dan Kuypers (Catalog Director, Music Supervisor / Music Dealers, LLC)
"Davy is a computer boy, actually we're all computer boys...but after listening to his song, it's enough to become a Computer Boy lover"
Régis Laugier, Hificlub
"One of the most original tracks in years! Ultra chic sound design with warm piercing vocals. "
Chieko & Toshio Kamei, Yongen
"Davy has created an evocative, lush and beautifully melancholic tracks that will keep your head bobbing and your lips smiling for a long time"
Paul and Price, Redcola Records
"Original version is the one for me. After listening to 800 minimal and tech house new releases and promos, this one is a wonderul relief!"
DJ Shade, Polyphonics Recordings
"Damn, this track is powerful…"
Luz, Tsuigi / Charlie Hebdo
"This is fresher than fresh, nice tunes from a nice guy - this man has taste!"
Louie Austen, LA Music