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Fortuna - A Radical Bravery EP
12" Vinyl
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A Radical Bravery EP

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Released: 15th March 2010 | 4 track ep
Here's the second EP by new electronic swiss band Fortuna featuring Italian actress Asia Argento and exclusive remixes by Sei A (Turbo Recordings, Gigolo, Seinan Music), Moonbeam and Arne Michel. Dark and lecherous. On the dancefloor, the musical world of Fortuna echoes like these two words, it is scheming, magnetic and hypnotic. No wonder their biggest fan is Asia Argento, so much so that the actress has added her voice on five tracks on their forthcoming album.
"The love motel and sei a remixes are my favorite. but they're all nice and appropriate for different times in the evening...fabulous !"
DJ Mini
"It really sounds good! A Radical Bravery is my favourite. You make me want to play with my dusty machines again"
Stephan Eicher
"hte Sei A remix is cool!"
André Joye, Electron Festival
"A very good original track, with strong and different remixes ... but my really favorite is the Sei A Remix"
Karl Simon, Verboten Records
"great song/singing and remixes"
Stefan Wagner, Radio Z
"i like the original and the sei a rmx best! hypno stuff per excellence, the moonbeam and pol rmxs are very nice too, its a very seductive release!"
Sami, Morpheus / Minimal Compac
"sounds good. need to play it out loud."
Benjamin Roeder, GLXY / Spectacle
"Good package - pick of bunch are the Sei A and Moonbeam mixes of which Moonbeam wins out as my personal fave!"
Simon Space Rock, Space Dust Blog
"quite like the vocal... loads of remixes to check. moonbeam seems nice in their style..."
Ivan Smagghe
"nice release ! difficult to choose a favourite remix..Pol, Love Motel, Arne favourites."
Terence Fixmer
"Deep quilted grooove & hypnotic wavy guitars, riveting bleeps, haunted atmospheres & supercacthy lyrics. "
Nic Ulmi, Gina & Tony
"Favourite Track: A Radical Bravery (Sei A Rmx) Rating: 3/5 Comments: good one"
Benoît Carretier, Tsugi
"Sei A remix- loving how this is both big and minimal-esque. This would bang pretty hard on a nice system. "
Hot Biscuit Blog
"Sei A remix Yeah!!!!!"
Luluxpo, Let's Dance / Couleur3
"I like the vibe, you don't know what you're gonna get next, but it's always worth a listen and getting into. I like moonbeam best i think"
Jerry Bouthier, JBAG / Kitsune
"A Radical Bravery sound at home on a macabre Roman art house movie."
The Music Critic
"Favourite Track: A Radical Bravery (Original)/ Rating: 5/5 / Comments: excellent release"
Chloe, Kill The DJ
"Favourite Track: A Radical Bravery (Arne Michel Rmx 1) / Rating: 3/5 / Comments: Nice stuff!!!"
Nico de Ceglia, Radio 1
Jules, Fear of Theydon/Sunday Be
"Favourite Track: A Radical Bravery (Moonbeam Rmx)/ Rating: 3/5 / Comments: cool"
Olivier le Fur, Selected Modern Music W-H
"Favourite Track: A Radical Bravery (Sei A Rmx) Rating: 5/5 Comments: Sei A mix is the one, Berghain in my living room here!!"
Matt Walsh, Turbo Recordings
"nice collection of remixes! hard to decide which i like the most...guess i choose the Sei A Remix. good work!"
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