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Gina & Tony - Big Bang Love EP
12" Vinyl
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Gina & Tony

Big Bang Love EP

Poor Records

Released: 28th June 2010 | 5 track ep
Dark Matter Girl meets Quark Plasma Boy in this funky tale of cosmic lust and synchrotronic love by electronic pop duo Gina & Tony. A snappy song turning the physics of particle collisions into a flower-powered love feast. The Big Bang Love EP features the original track and 4 red-hot remixes by the New York witch doctors of The Phenomenal Handclap Band, as well as by Gina & Tony's favorite fellow producers Andres Garcia, Fortuna and POL. Geneva-based electronic pop duo Gina & Tony popped up in 2008 with its first full-length release Moonbow and was spotted since then on a bunch of French compilations (amongst which the celebrated La musique de Paris Derniere by Beatrice Ardisson), as well as on the soundtrack to Marc Jacobs' Fall/Winter 2010 fashion show. They recently released an insanely large rendition of Bang Bang (My Baby Shot Me Down).
"I love Big Bang Love Ep, so many cool versions on it... going to play it out and on my radio show over here in Bruxelles"
Samy, Morpheus / Minimal Compac
"The result of Big Bang Love is all too good and infectious to stand still to!"
Simon Space Rock, Space Dust Blog
"The Phenomenal Handclap Band remix is excellent!"
Leo Wannaz, Creaked Records
"This month's most intriguing single somewhere between Lali Puna, Brigitte Bardot and Trentemoller lies this fascinating 5 minutes of quality sounds"
Shremyslaw Blog
"Love both the Original and the Phenomemal Handclap Band Rmx. The Original is the one I shall be playing out as it's to most singular sounding. "
Nathan Gregory Wilkins, History Clock
"The Phenomenal Handclap band remix is very good, really dig the groove. "
24:hrs Soundsystem DJ's
"Nice track and remixes. Dreamy atmosphere."
Nico De Ceglia, Radio 1
"nice ep. will put into our selection for rotation"
BLN Radio
Artur 8,
"love the original which is superb! PHB remix rocks! Garcia rmx is also very nice."
Another Night On Earth Bl
"Excellent Release : very good and different interpretations of the Original Track. My absolute favorite remixes are POL and Fortuna ..."
Karl Simon, Verboten Records
"Big Bang Love (The Phenomenal Handclap Band Rmx) Rating: 4/5 Comments: Super !"
Simon, Dialect Recordings
"i like the vocals, really good. original mix + POL remix + fortuna rmx are the one i like"
Chloé, Kill The Dj
"Favourite Track: Big Bang Love (Fortuna Rmx) Rating: 3/5 Comments: nice mixes"
Benoît Carretier, Tsugi
"This is super nice ! i like every track ! great job..."
DJ Mini
"love the vocals and andres garcia remix is ace"
Stefan Wagner, Radio Z
"Favourite Track: Big Bang Love (The Phenomenal Handclap Band Rmx) Rating: 4/5 Comments: this combo is a blast!"
Benjamin Roeder, GLXY / Spectacle
"Love the PHB remix, like the original and POL remix. "
Stan Bertin, Grand Crew
"Handclap rmx is cool, not into the others"
Nick Catchdubs, Fool's Gold
"Favourite Track: Big Bang Love (The Phenomenal Handclap Band Rmx) / Rating: 4/5 / Comments: Sounds good this one"
Jules, Fear Of Theydon / Sunday