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Dobradinha & Andres Garcia - Po de Pirlimpimpim EP
12" Vinyl
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Dobradinha & Andres Garcia

Po de Pirlimpimpim EP

Poor Records

Released: 29th November 2010 | 4 track ep
Andres Garcia produces electronic music. Everywhere from minimal techno to the open waters of cinematic sound. Everything for the dancefloor, the theatrical stage, the silver screen and your listening pleasure. For this release he is associated with brazilian riot girls Dobradinha for an exciting first ep on Poor Records. This EP includes exclusive remixes by Kronofood (aka Dachshund).
"Cool sexy stuff..."
Snax, Lady Cab Driver / Berlin
"Very quirky. Actually like the Radio Edit best as I love the vocal. Great stuff !!!"
Nathan Gregory Wilkins, History Clock
"Sempre Por Aqui sounds nice to me, will pass to 2 collegues to present in their shows Marcus 'Makossa' Wagner-Lapierre FM4 head of music ORF / Austria"
Makossa, Radio fm4 / Vienna
"Some real head bangin' shit here..."
Michael Stukes , WHCR 90.3 FM / Harlem, US
"Great vocals and sounds, kinda fun... will play"
Stefan Wagner, K4 / Radio Z
"Nice ep! Gone be suggested for airplay"
BLN Radio
"This is a filthy little slice of Electronica-cheeky vocals and a groove that just makes you wanna get down- it's a winner."
Mr Onions, Timepiece, Exeter, Phonic
"I like Sempre Por Aqui best! Cheers!"
Samy DJ Morpheus, Minimal Compact, Radio Ca
"Loving the Kronofood remix"
Danny, Heavenly Recordings, The
"Good EP!"
Nico De Ceglia, Radio 1 / London
"Bangin remixes!"
Sean B, Spank Party