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Jamie Coe & The Precisions - Cleopatra
7" Vinyl
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Jamie Coe & The Precisions



Released: 18th March 2013 | 2 track vintage lounge single

Every so often the soul scene champions a secret record that's too good not to share to a wider audience; here we have just the thing. A record styled on the raunchy sound of Chaka Khan but with the subtlety, confidence and timing of Marvin Gaye. Spun since the day it was released on Northern / Modern soul dancefloors, the charm and sophistication has been completely lost on the rest of the world - probably mostly because nobody ever got to hear it. There are almost no copies anywhere, I know because it took me over 5 years to get one. You are talking £500 all day long IF you can find someone willing to sell it to you, otherwise its a shootout on ebay. So in the interests of democratising beautiful and important music we are very proud to present this wonderful reissue.