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Dolly Lyons / The Page Boys - Palm of Your Hand / Barricuda
7" Vinyl
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Dolly Lyons / The Page Boys

Palm of Your Hand / Barricuda


Released: 28th February 2011 | 2 track classic r&b single
BACKGROUND The first single on a new re-issue label which focuses on the curious Belgian popcorn sound, a style of music which has been growing rapidly in popularity amongst Soul and R&B collectors over the past few years. Popcorn is a dance / club scene which arose in the perhaps unlikely environs of Belgium, but which has nevertheless become rather influential in setting the tastes of many a DJ and collector across the globe. The sound is difficult to describe in words as it is really a rather loose term which covers records across many genres - Soul, R&B, Mod, Jazz, even Ska. It is perhaps best understood by listening to a few choice records, and there are great places to check out sound clips online. Broadly, Popcorn focuses heavily on the jazzier, smoother side of Rhythm & Blues, also incorporating many of the white pop and rock and roll singers and crooners who occasionally turned their attentions to a swinging, bluesy style. Or like its UK counterpart Northern Soul, it may be best described as simply 'The music they play at Popcorn nights'! MUSIC On this first release on the Popcorn 45 label, we have two excellent examples of the genre, back to back. On the top, Dolly Lyons' awesome, slinky mover 'Palm Of Your Hand', backed up with the super-sleazy 'crime-jazz' instrumental 'Barricuda' by the Page Boys. The tracks share a quite similar riff, and so form a neat little partnership on this handy 45. We hear that there are many more titles planned on this new imprint, so it's time for the uninitiated to get with it, click your fingers and slowly jive along to this altogether unique dance floor style. FILE UNDER: Reissues - Popcorn, Soul, RnB