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Frank Minion - How Much Land (Does a Man Need)
7" Vinyl
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Frank Minion

How Much Land (Does a Man Need)


Released: 17th October 2011 | 2 track jazz blues single
Two cool as you like sides from jazz-cat croon-cat Frank Minion. 'How Much Land' is a precautionary tale which warns of the perils of everyday greed - a prophetic sermon indeed as the message rings especially true for our times even though this was cut over 50 years ago. Set over a simple but effective honking horn backing, with no bridge or middle eight or instrumental break to speak of, just a couple of minutes of suavely delivered street corner wisdom over an infectious popcorn groove.

On the other side, Watermelon is an oddball delicacy, a bongo driven, sparse and spaced out affair with deep gospel-accented yearning vocals from Minion. One for the deep, dark, early hours!