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LaVerne Baker - Love Me Right
7" Vinyl
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LaVerne Baker

Love Me Right


Released: 16th January 2012 | 2 track single
LaVern Baker was one of the ruling queens of Rhythm & Blues through the '50s, a singer who had all the necessary requirements to be an R&B diva - a knockout voice, oodles of charm and feminine sass to spare.

'Love Me Right' is just about the perfect record for the dance floor. Slightly uptempo for most popcorn nights (but then, the Belgian set are notorious for adjusting the pitch control to bring everything in line with the slow waltz that they prefer), this is a driving, swinging R&B number with incredible riffs and an irresistible vocal turn.

'Tiny Tim' on the flip needs little pitch adjustment, this one is slow and decidedly slinky as LaVern is joined by the barritone-voiced Jimmy Ricks for a brazenly suggestive duet where the pair discuss who's wearing the trousers, so to speak.