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Baby Mammoth - Motion Without Pain
CD Album
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Baby Mammoth

Motion Without Pain


Released: 7th February 2000 | 9 track beats & breaks album
The Pork label remains ever popular despite a policy of no advertising, very few interviews (without photographs) and a general unwillingness to play the music biz game. Every release, however, always attracts reviews in a cross section of music and style publications. The two members of Baby Mammoth are Mark Blissenden and Andrew Burdall and after the success of last year's 'Swimming' they prove they are even more prolific than Fila Brazillia by unleashing their sixth album 'Motion Without Pain'. 'Swimming' saw the sound of Baby Mammoth reach a wider audience as it has been their best selling album to date. In fact, 1999 was quite a successful year for the woolly ones culminating in the release of their remix of Tosca's 'Chocolate Elvis' which was on the flipside of their ode to their preferential Sunday roast selection 'Chicken Chiefly'. 'Motion Without Pain' continues in the same laidback style with downtempo beats, layers of dark, brooding synths, interspersed with jazz guitar licks and some easy listening tomfoolery on the track 'The Ghost of Henry '. This remarkably jolly little number will be released as a single around the same time as the album.'
"The sixth effort from the team of Bliss and Burdy is a classic venture into the deep-groove experience. Imagine sultry swipes of soul dancing atop jazz-funk and Latin complexity infused into an organic broth of delicious proportion."
Chris Haycock, XLR8R
"Another 60 minutes of elegantly crafted head music."
Cal Gibson, Muzik
"Laid back house grooves with a touch of the Latino spirit, Baby M return in great style. Ideal for Saturday sundowns and Sunday comedowns."
"Beats spiral, heads nod, things, invariably, sound kinda smokey. Baby Mammoth rock - just really gently."
Rob Fitzpatrick, Mixmag
"Unlike many artists who tinker with this genre, Baby Mammoth have achieved a fine balance between the chilled and the groovy, which is why their sound never seems monotonous."
Dan Irwin, DJ
"Mellow dance music with an elegant, engaging, humourous personality."
Mr Scruff, DJ