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Leggo Beast - From Here To G
CD Album
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Leggo Beast

From Here To G


Released: 1st May 2000 | 16 track beats & breaks album
Leggo Beast may at first appear to be a new addition to the Pork roster, but on closer inspection you will discover that the Leggo Beast is in fact a Bullitnut. Yep, sadly, the Nuts are no longer. What's happened, did they crack under the pressure of taking over the reins at Pork after Fila Brazillia's departure' Well actually, no - the nuttiest of the nuts, Beige went awol for a while, eventually turning up in an Amsterdam studio to work with Remko Schouten (Pavement's live engineer) via a brief stint with the band Proto Chimp and the more reserved nut and best looking Porker Murray Clarke slowly mutated into Leggo Beast. After featuring on Pork's celebratory 50th release compilation album under the carefully thought out name of Muzz, Murray spent most of 1999 writing, recording and producing this debut album, during which the transformation into the Leggo Beast took place. Continuing in the Bullitnuts style 'From here to G' includes a vocal track featuring the very talented Audrey Okyere-Fosu and guest flute appearances from a certain Mr Moss. Leggo Beast has already been booked to perform at this year's Glastonbury festival and will be touring America in November. As a Bullitnut, Murray released 3 albums and loads of singles, remixed Tosca, Natasha Atlas, Static Sound System, Locust and Blue States. As a member of Opik he released one album on Concrete Records. The press and radio campaign for this album is being orchestrated by Zzonked and reviews will appear in all major dance music magazines.'
"I wanna live in the house that Murray Clarke has built. His world is lush, relaxed and more beautiful than any supermodel could ever hope to be. One half of the now defunct Bullitnuts, Clarke was clearly the more organic-leaning Nut. Heavily influenced by jazz and late 60s early 70s soul and funk, he has seamlessly blended sampled and sequenced beats with horns, live bass and spacy keys, giving us 16 stunning instrumental excursions."
Denise Benson, Exclaim
"Your spine will vibrate with static tingles as the live bass thumps, hand drums pop, and warm synths slide up and down like a Chinese dragon."
Frosty, XLR8R
"(Murray) Clarke wasted no time in the reinvention and reincarnation of his smoky, chilled-out jazzy electronic licks to feed his Leggo Beast. A comprehensive, diverse offering of 16 tracks that neither mimic nor retell a previous 'nutty' story. Leggo Beast's debut casts off old skins and grows new, more durable rhythms where the ethnic percussion intensifies the experience."
Brad Anderson, Digital Artifact
"Broody, atmospheric soundtrack stuff with trademark jazzy vibes and rolling hip hop."
Mark Jackson, Jockey Slut
"Lushly layered electronic atmospheres, organic percussion traits from Latin, jazz and funk, all put together with the air of people who really know how to relax. ALBUM OF THE MONTH (Abstract)."
Steve Nicholls, Wax