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Marble Valley - Sunset Sprinkler
CD Album
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Marble Valley

Sunset Sprinkler


Released: 29th January 2001 | 14 track brit rock album
Steve West is Pavement's drummer. In 1997, he stepped out from behind the drums to release his first work as Marble Valley, entitled 'Sauchiehall Street'. Plenty of people liked it a lot. Steve was encouraged by the success of that first solo foray into the world, and decided to record another Marble Valley album. With Pavement on indefinite hiatus, he put together a new band to perform his songs: this includes members of Hull's Baby Mammoth and Salako and, apparently, 'a crazy man named Beige ' and West E.'s 'tour roommate Remko-the-Duche Schouten... After much feverish rehearsal, 'Sunset Sprinkler' is finally recorded and ready to be released on the Hull-based label Pork Recordings. Steve West says: 'When we hiccup, we're all bilingual and that's what this world needs today. The Internet intellect is lonely? 'If we see Nessie, she can join too? We say: 'Oh, this crazy Pavement person...' Upstairs at The Garage gig preview and album review in Time Out (8 November), reviews in Uncut, NME, Select, Q, Mojo. Live review in NME, feature in The Fly. Small UK tour in November: back again in Jan / Feb 2001.'
"Tongue-in-cheek slacker rock with chintzy-sounding electronic embellishments."
Alternative Press
"A pretty weird album that is quite enjoyable, even though it seems like a lot of the songs could maybe be about drinking."
The South End
"In hearing this project, I kept thinking This is on Pork? as I expected an electronic record with new-age overtones. Instead there was this odd rockish/electronic record with guitars and drums, but also tons of shining keyboards. The singing set it even further apart -- mostly deadpan, Mark-E-Smith-style drawls banked by filtered vocals or overdubbed syllabic choruses on almost every song (an unequal call-and-response between a shaky singer and his alter-ego idiot choir). With parodic hip-hop (I'll call it hop-hop, as it seems like it only has one leg to stand on), songs that don't end up anywhere near where they started, stumbling funk, and quirky rhythms. There's a little of an early '90s L.A. indie-rock subset sound -- like Trotsky Icepick or Slovenly -- in there too. Okay, who is it? It's the second solo album from Pavement drummer Steve West, which you probably knew already. Upon listening to it again with that knowledge, it sounds much better to me than their last few records, yet is recognizably a tangent of it. It's also much less predictable than what I've heard from Malkmus, too. I'll stop kicking myself now."
"Pavement drummer Steve West has found an unlikely home on the Hull trip-hop label. The album is a collection of skewed leftfield guitar pop which features Salako and Baby Mammoth."
Music Week