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Various Artists - dubplates from the lamp vol 2
CD Album
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Various Artists

dubplates from the lamp vol 2


Released: 15th July 2002 | 12 track beats & breaks album
Following the successful release of Volume 1, Mr. Pork returned to the demo bin and resumed the hunt for gems suitable to be included on Volume 2. Having spent many hours (months) listening to the slew of unsolicited demos, this compilation is the result. All the tracks were selected purely for their individual quality. None are there because we owed favour to a mate of a mate at the black pudding factory. Nor is there intended to be any stylistic musical theme here. None are chosen for their adherence to genre or fashion. It is more a reflection of the creative power of the next generation of artists worldwide. All tracks have taken a serious ear testing in Hull's legendary Lamp Bar.'
"?return to form with an excellent collection of previously unreleased down tempo gems.To say that this is largely from the talent yet to be seen on disc, it's mightly impressive - making this the best downtempo sampler for some time. Light up and enjoy****"
Matt Anniss, iDJ
"What happens when you give extreme music heads with a taste for anarchy full reign of a drinking establishment? Well, lots of gurgled pints, soaring belly-laughs, goofy-footed dancing, and of course sound exploration from dimensions beyond. Dubplates from the Lamp 002 showcases dandy demos from Pork's regular sessions at the Lamp Bar in Hull, England. This Label spawned wonderful sonic creatures like Baby Mammoth, Fila Brazilia, Bullinuts and Solid Doctor so you can expect their mailboxes to be full of glimmering gems. Beef Wellington's Three stands out as a quirky number with curious vocal snippets and plenty of head buzz. Drink up for goose bumps in unmentionable spots."
Frosty, XLR8R
"?compilations are increasingly motivated by money, to see a second instalment of Pork's 'Dubplates From the Lamp' is a fine thing. And it is a fine record?.artists particularly worthy of note here are Il Nino, Vial and Streamer. The one track that really stands out, though, is Beef Wellington's 'Threes' ?using quite remarkable MCs over simple dub rhythms and congas. It is though, in both principle and execution, all gravy."
Steve Nickolls, DJ
"If unnaccustomed to Pork's ace but idiosyncraratic output, this particularly spicy Humberside sausage may prove an acquired taste. But really, know in their right mind could turn down Beef Wellington's poetic 'Threes' or Punchi's weepy d&b lullaby 'Deep Space'. There's an innocence, beauty and warmth at the heart of this label that makes it all glow like a nicely flattened piglet. Yum 4/5"
Mike Cahart Harris, Seven
"Hulls stoner tribe release a second selection of Dubplates From the Lamp' (that?s their loval boozer, fact fans) in July."