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Referenced - For Your Safety
CD Album
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For Your Safety


Released: 28th July 2003 | 21 track beats & breaks album
Delayed due to legal wrangles with NASA the debut LP from Bloomington, Indiana's prodigal son Doug McLuskey is finally with us. He initially freaked the Pork back in 2000 with the first of many digi-ful CD's. By the end of '02 and over 100 tracks submitted, here are the final 22. Now even this may seem too much 'quantity', but believe me, like Hull, there ain't a lot to do in Bloomington, so music takes over. No photoshoots, no personal appearances, no gigs (yet), no interviews just music'too intense: Deal with it? And so to the sound of Referencered, though obviously driven by a somewhat extreme use of technology, 'For your Safety' is awash with humour, darkness and warmth in equal measure. Not exactly what some may expect from the Hull label but if you understand what Pork really stands for and sounds like over the full 100 releases, this LP makes perfect sense. As ever, 'For Your Safety' has been fully ear tested down at Hull's legendary Lamp Bar.'
"Hauntingly beautiful at times, disorienting and goofy at others, the album coaxes smiles either way"