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Various Artists - PORK 100
CD Album
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Various Artists

PORK 100


Released: 21st October 2002 | 12 track beats & breaks album
For more than 10 years somewhere far from the cloying commerciality of the capital, an independent label has been steadily releasing music. That it has now reached 100 releases, having turned down numerous offers to slip into the cold comforting hands of the majors, may come as a pleasant surprise. In that time (and perhaps most notably) 6 LP's were released by Fila Brazillia. Others like Opik and Heights Of Abraham were poached into oblivion by Deconstruction (R.I.P.) and ZZT (R.I.P.). Later came Baby Mammoth and Bullitnuts. The former having now released 7 L.P's on Pork. Out of the dormant ashes of the Bullitnuts came the new projects Momma Gravy and Leggobeat. Recent signings have includied regular Fila sessionees Moss and local master of the macabre Dustin. All of these live and work in Hull. Outside of East Yorkshire signings have included Russia's Tetris, Hollands's Banabila and America's Marble Valley (the long time pet project of Pavement drummer Steve West) On this 100th release you can hear new tracks from many of the above plus one-off collaborations for this L.P. Also here are new signings The Shapes, Sheik and Last Supper Dance. In classic Pork style there's a loose creative thread running through the whole L.P but perhaps little, as a whole, to attach it to any nu-scene you can think of.'
"The Hull-based label's 100th release features a selection of the artists, united by a love of downbeat electronica, that have contributed to their long reign as the independent's independent. One of the more chilled releases of the year, obviously - a late- night listen punctuated by mom-ents of pure genius. The inspired jazz guitar solo from Last Supper Dance-band deserves special mention, as does Rawcliff's dubby feel. Relax, put your feet up, and enjoy."
Patrick Steel, Flux Magazine
"When, over 10 years ago, Pork first took it upon themselves to treat the world upon themselves to treat the world to glimmering aural gems, 'chillout' was still a dirty word. People had seen a promising ambient movement wilt, wither and fall asleep to its own increasing desire for a more 'progressive' (as in rock) direction. Pork, however, didn't seem to care, instead boycotting popular opinion and opting for beds of sound bustling with ideas and gorgeous noises. Whilst their most famous sons, Fila Brazillia, may now have moved onto pastures new (after, however, completing a whopping six album stint) with the Bullinuts and Heights of the Abraham following suit, Pork's roster still represents the finer edge of the downbeat scene. Here, on their 100th release, new starlets like Russia's Tetris, The Shapes, Sheik and Last Supper Dance sit comfortably with ole favourites Dustin, Moss and Baby Mammoth on an album that delivers what it promises; another worthwhile delve into Pork's grotto of fabulous fruits"
Steve McLay, DJ Magazine