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Various Artists - dubplates from the lamp vol 3
CD Album
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Various Artists

dubplates from the lamp vol 3


Released: 20th October 2003 | 13 track beats & breaks album
Late Summer sees the release of Vol. III in the critically acclaimed series of compilations. Many clubs and Bars have released (cashed in?) compilations but only the legendary Lamp Bar has the courage to support the release of an LP containing tracks by previously unreleased artists. All of which makes this a unique series we like to think, unless you know of any others. Vol. III again features a host of new names and sounds from across the globe. Also included are tracks from previous Dubplate debutees Unforscene and Barabila. Each kindly let us have a track from their forthcoming LPs. Unforscene's 'New World Is'' features on their new L.P for Kudos and Barabilas 'Vloeivoiz' is taken from Voiznoiz III which has just been released in Holland and has been awarded the prestigious Edison award. All other tracks come to you as a result of many hours of listening by Mr. Pork. AS with digging for gold, the nuggets are there, it just takes a lot of ear shoveling to find them. All have been tested at the Lamp and though based in Hull the L.P features a cast of international players. Alongside British artists, there's dubplates from America, Romania and Russia. OK, so there may be a lack of glamorous names here with high profiles but this is no longer the case for many artists from previous Duplates From The Lamp. Since their inclusions of Vol. I & II Kennedy has signed to Sunday Best, Unforscene to Kudos, Anthone Project to Beatscience in Norway, Xploding Plastix to Tru Thoughts, Beef Wellington to Eighth Dimension in America, Streamer to Kidnap in Holland, Lost Idol has started his own label Cookshop in Brighton and as we go to press Skyway 7, from this very L.P, has just signed to Guidance in America. And if all of this isn't enough proof that DPFL vol. is a quality glimpse into the future, then please go back to M.O.S stompers Vol.37 you deserve it? Vol.I 'the Lamp is Hull's happening joint, where these cuts are tried & tested, then released through Pork, who says you can't have you bacon and eat it too?''Seven Sept 01 Vol. II 'Drink UP goosebumps, unmentionable spotsXLR8R July/August 02'