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Appian - Endomusia
12" Vinyl
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Phutureshock Musik

Released: 29th October 2012 | 5 track deep house ep

Next up for Phuture Shock Musik is the debut 12 from new signing - Appian, a young upcoming producer, hailing from Ann Arbor, Michigan.

'Endomusia' EP is the result of Appian's versatile production that especially embraces the rich musical heritage of Detroit, coming as no surprise given the close proximity between the producer's Midwestern hometown and the celebrated birthplace of techno. The EP covers all bases from deep house to soulful downtempo; to present a sophisticated melting pot of sounds that welcomes an incredible new talent to keep an eye on, and marks Phuture Shock's most diverse release to date.

Opening cut 'Slow Jam' sets the tone on a Balearic slo-mo house vibe, building up with tight rhythmical beats and a hypnotic vocal refrain that glides through textured dreamy pads. 'Perception' is a beatdown number, driven by deep progressive chord changes, frantic hi-hats and scattered snares, revealing the inextricable ties to the Motor City. The more eclectic flipside roams the mid-tempo angle, focusing on funky off kilter beats, and cosmic grooves in the form of 'Pac man' and 'Floating' that coherently absorbs the hi-tech swagger of Detroit hip hop, with the wonky stylings of the LA beat scene, until lastly making way for the deep intergalactic bounce of the finale 'Journey.'