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Simon/Off - Molecules EP
12" Vinyl
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Molecules EP

Phutureshock Musik

Released: 17th March 2014 | 3 track techno ep

Simon/off steps up to the plate with his second EP for Phuture Shock Musik entitled 'Molecules' EP - a fitting sequel to 2011's similarly themed 'Planetary Communication' EP. Since dropping that last 12 on the Bristol-based imprint, the Austrian bass don has kept himself busy honing the sound of his intelligent take on bass music, most recently demonstrated via remixes for upcoming Mexican producers Mama Testa and Thark, as well as taking time to offer up fresh material on his co-owned Disko404 label; including the warmly received 'Take It Back' EP and introducing the junglist-laden footwork experiments of new side project - Sun People.

'Molecules' EP finds Simon/off continuing his current dalliance with 4/4 tempos and versatile broken rhythms, whilst furtherpushing the envelope within the far-reaching 'Bass music' sub-genre,absorbing inspiration from the future-minded output of legendary D&B institutions such as Reinforced and Metalheadz, right through to 90's Detroit en route the fertile grounds of Bristol.

Title track 'Molecules' sets the wheels in motion - an advanced variant of UK funky from a techno perspective, where urgent synth-stabs merge with spritely percussion and deep flowing subs ride atop syncopated drums. Next in line is the minimalist West London indebted groove 'Rhythm 38' driven by a tortuous square wave b-line tightly interweaved with clinical beats and sparse vox cuts. Meanwhile on the flipside resides 'You Don't Get It' where the producer opts for a more cerebral approach in contrast to the dance floor immediacy that takes up side A, working intricate drum programming around a pensive chord progression that lingers throughout to hypnotic effect. Digital-exclusive cut 'From A To B' wraps up proceedings in a tech-stepper style to make for another Phuture Shock release with potential widespread appeal.