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Various Artists - Tel Aviv Consortium Vol.1 (feat. Kutiman, Rejoicer, Red Axes & Lava Dome)
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Various Artists

Tel Aviv Consortium Vol.1 (feat. Kutiman, Rejoicer, Red Axes & Lava Dome)

Port Said

Released: 20th October 2014 | 4 track ambient ep

Tel Aviv Consortium Vol.1

A sample of the Tel Aviv sound in this day and age. Cutting edge electronics that come

from the boiling hot (under) ground of the middle east in 2014.

This E.P was made as part of the PUMA LOVES VINYL project - a collaboration

between Puma and - an online web radio that functions as a summertime pop

up project relocating every year.

The sounds you will hear on this record reflect the current local state of mind, navigating

through history, a complex political situation, and a honest need to spread the love of

music on the threshold of both the western world and the eastern.

On the first track you'll hear an unreleased track by the multi instrumentalist

wiz Kutiman, another treat from this pivotal artist that always blows our mind with his

psychedelic forward thinking projects.

A2 will show you what a prolific ground Tel Aviv has become for young beat makers.

Inspired by the L.A sound yet giving it an extra edge with a local twist, organic

aesthetics and middle eastern spice. Here, Rejoicer - boss of Raw Tapes Records label

takes us to a trip through the Ethio-Israeli connection with another exclusive for this E.P!

The B side begins with our favorite club outfit, Red Axes - A production duo that

combines a Rock 'n' Roll attitude with a club bang, spiced with tons of humor, lush

production and cutting edge sound. This one is inspired by our TEDER trip to Krakow

on the summer of 2014, where some of the greatest artists in town joined us for a

massive weekend of parties and live sessions in Poland.

The last track has a nice story - as part of our collaboration with Puma, we suggested

that the 4th track will be chosen by our radio listeners, so we have posted 10 selected

tracks online, and our crowd voted massively for a 17 year oldLava Dome - a super

talented kid that we see as a prime representative the next generation of electronic

producers to rise up in Tel Aviv.

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