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Enrico Coniglio - Salicornie: Topofonie Vol. 2
CD Album
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Enrico Coniglio

Salicornie: Topofonie Vol. 2


Released: 25th October 2010 | 13 track ambient album

Psychonavigation is delighted to present 'SALICORNIE: Topofonie Vol. 2', the new album by Enrico Coniglio, and follow-up to 'AREAVIRUS: Topofonie Vol. 1' (n.d.r. Psychonavigation 2007) with a new collection of sound tales dedicated to Venice.

'SALICORNIE' is an eclectic and multi-varied album, ambient first of all, and then classical, pop, dark and experimental... full of field recordings collected strictly in situ and enhanced, among others, by the collaboration of the trumpeter Arve Henriksen (Rune Grammofon, ECM) and the pianist Gigi Masin (Sub Rosa, Ants Records).

'SALICORNIE' is the sound of the Venice Carnival, crowds celebrating, as the lagoon and its slow and lonely flow of water join up. A polymorphic portrait of what Venice is today, one moment decadent and melancholy, then romantic, rowdy, colourful and chaotic. Postcard of a thousand postcards, photos of a thousand photos...