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Karol Gwozdz - Tamte Czasy
CD Album
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Karol Gwozdz

Tamte Czasy


Released: 16th January 2012 | 10 track ambient album

Psychonavigation Records is proud to present the debut album from Karol Gwózdz. The Silesian based musician delivers a collection of deeply atmospheric ambient / piano works. Using the hiss from old cassette tapes he has successfully created a truly beautiful and haunting late night soundtrack that manages to capture a nostalgic feeling that both hints of past memories and loss.

In his own words: 'I recorded the hiss of cassette and used this in the background for all the tracks. I then used various sounds, piano, violin, rustle etc.. Overall I wanted my album to symbolize postmodernism so when somebody listens to this album he or she should have some reflections'.

When Karol is not making ambient sounds he turns his attention to his other loves poetry / literature, graphic design and his DJ work (DJ Nail).

File this album under : Brian Eno / Harold Budd

More information:

"his dreamy music is charged with uncomplicated emotion in a way the coolth of Eno never would allow."
Stephen Fruitman, Cyclic Defrost
"this is such a sweet, calm and understated work of electronica"
Tony Clayton-Lea, The Irish Times