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Galati - Godhavn
CD Album
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Released: 25th November 2013 | 3 track ambient album

Deep Ambient soundscapes Influenced by Greenland

Across three tracks I tried to sum the the sights and sounds I experienced as I trekked through frozen landscapes and little villages in Greenland, one of the last unspoiled places on this planet. I tried to describe two different sides of that fascinating land.

I wanted to convey the feeling of brightness, of solemnity, of spirituality. At the same time I wanted to describe the vast expanses of arctic ice covered with fog; the reverential fear toward the majesty of nature, the sense of loss in front of that frightful beauty. Godhavn is the continuation of a project focused on the description of a land that I deeply love, Greenland.


"With 'Godhavn' Roberto Galati has proven himself to be one of the spearheads of the ambient-drone scene in Italy"
Matthew Meda,
"This is music for ominous night listening. With light banished to a far-away land this explores the darkest impulses and the pay-off is immense. Galati makes a truly creepy and honestly stunning atmosphere for ‘Godhavn’.", Blog