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Derek Carr - Binary Son
CD Album
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Derek Carr

Binary Son


Released: 11th November 2013 | 9 track ambient techno album

Derek Carr is one of Ireland's unsung heroes of soulful techno. Derek has been making music for almost 2 decades now (if you include his early experiments as a 14 year old with a Casio sampler).

Following the great success of his previous album 'The Digital Space Race' Psychonavigation are excited to release the artist's new album 'Binary Son'. Derek worked closely with Psychonavigation's Keith Downey to handpick his best nine tracks that work perfectly as a long player.

Derek's heart lies in Detroit and the influence of Juan Atkins & Derrick May can be heard throughout the album as he easily blends soulful Techno with Ambient & Electronica. There's also a nod to the 90's electronic sound of The Black Dog / B12 & As One.

"Binary Son is a master-class in electronica with heart. It occupies similar territory to The Black Dog’s own Detroit-inspired excursions"
A Closer Listen
"It’s a nice slice of Detroit styled techno, bringing bits of ambient and some light hints of house to the table, making me think of Derick May and Juan Atkins"
Renaat Vandepapeliere, R&S Records
"For me personally, Derek Carr has been my big discovery of 2013 and I'm finding much to love as I explore his back catalogue. (Top 10 of 2013)"
Mike G,