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TALK - Touching You EP


Touching You EP

Perfect Toy

Released: 1st May 2003 | 3 track house single

Initial connections were made when Lars Behrenroth was hooking up some DJ bookings for himself in Washington D.C. contacting people he had been in touch with over the internet for quite some time. It was then that Lars and Kolai met through a mutual friend. In 1999, a couple of gigs and years later, Taha Elroubi, who was the resident DJ and musical director of Andalu in D.C., booked Lars to play on one of his nights. A year later Taha and Kolai had started producing together as T-Kolai. Shortly after that during another one of Lars' trips to Washington D.C. all three of them had decided to get in the studio together and see if they can create some magic. And it happened... TALK's first song 'Cookie Jar' featuring vocals by Sonya Vallet a.k.a. Yshara (who toured with Monday Michiru and others before) was the result. That song was released in July 2001 on the 'Vinylicious Epiology I', licensed to Infracom! for the 'Aphrodisiac III' compilation and remixed by Lars for his own album 'BOC Productions'. The same year the trio started working on 'Touching You' with the support of vocalist Mustafa Akbar and percussionist Tony. The track started as a beatloop and within 48 hours it turned into a full song. Due to the need of traveling far distances it took Lars, Kolai and Taha another 6 months to finish the track. Get in touch!