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Alessandro Oliviero - Soul Reflected EP

Alessandro Oliviero

Soul Reflected EP

Perfect Toy

Released: 1st May 2005 | 5 track trip-hop ep

The EP starts with a classy touch-of-break track - HOMELAND - combining a subtle background
trumpet with a upfront acoustic bass line that contributes an organic feeling. HOMELAND
REWORKED gives us even some more colors and a denser sound texture - suddenly appearing and
disappearing fragments: funk guitar, impulsive rhythm patterns, vibraphone breaks… EAST SIDE
FLOW - ease your mind with this floating jazz track!Sophisticated jazz drums & bass with a touch of
weird saxophone solo - contrasted with some easy flute drops. DOWN 2 EARTH - a straight to the
point composition. No compromise - groove at its best! WALK ON THAT THING - switch back to pure
break jazz - some Rhodes colors, the bass easily moving effortless across the changing harmonics,
double time break'n'beat drum passages and the slightly bizarre saxophone again.