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Zero Crossing - My Foolish Dreams EP

Zero Crossing

My Foolish Dreams EP

Perfect Toy

Released: 1st May 2005 | 3 track broken beat single

After his label debut RHYTHM OF LIFE (PT016.EP) and remix works for PERFECT.TOY act
HIPNOSIS (PT003.EP - German Club Charts top 10 entry!) ZERO CROSSING continues his
musical story with another chapter on Munich's #1 freestyle label PERFECT.TOY
RECORDS: MY FOOLISH DREAMS (PT024.EP). Besides this EP release, there is also a
full-scale, album length masterpiece out now on PERFECT.TOY RECORDS on which ZERO
CROSSING presents his contemporary cutting edge concept of what is FUNK: MY KINDA
FUNK (PT023).

ZERO CROSSING comes up with some top-notch artists, who perfectly fit into ZERO CROSSING's funk vision. First to name here is ISOLÉE. After his highly acclaimed REST album (Neuton), ISOLÉE himself provides a superb pushing remix version of the EP's title track MY FOOLISH DREAMS.