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Various Artists - Movements, Vol. 2

Various Artists

Movements, Vol. 2

Perfect Toy

Released: 7th July 2006 | 12 track funk album

Just 18 short months have passed since Movements 1 was finished - this is such a short time considering all the effort needed to bring a project like this to a successful end. All the same there was still a lot of time and trouble involved in managing to track down all the musicians, but when you finally find the right person and a deal is made a big smile stays on your face and helps you think that it all does make sense after all. This compilation has not been made for the hardcore collectors of funk 45s, rather it's for all the regular music buyers who love the soul sound but do not have the time or ambition for diggin' the crates for the original format. For us, the most important thing, even more than the single factor of rarity, is the quality of the music. Of course, more often than not the best tracks are the rarest! Luckily, there are also some relatively more findable tunes to be found which also make the cut. Besides that, the desire to create a compilation with most tracks having never been compiled anywhere before also played an important part. So, sit back and let your mind relax while listening to Movements 2.