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Various Artists - Natural Resources II

Various Artists

Natural Resources II


Released: 7th April 2017 | 14 track soul album

As a spare time dj and only one of the many thousands of record collectors on this planet (but avowedly one of the not so many from Austria) it's a wonderful feeling to share some of my personal favourite songs with fellow music lovers from around the world. I don't wanna bore the pants off anyone out there as the music clearly speaks for itself. But then I think that I should shine some light on particular songs of my choice selection.

The fourteen tracks on this album display a wide range of genres with some being difficult to categorize. The set starts with an in demand modern-ish soul cut by J.T. Allen & Little Richard's Band (yes THE Little Richard). It's a winner for sure as is Love that stranger which does indeed sound like it's from some far off place. On This is me, intricate yet soulful jazz guitar drifts in and out as subtly drums serve as the anchor. Walter Jenkins and Jimmy Ellis represent the funkier side of things while Kurt Ochshorn and Feather give you a taste of groovy AOR. The album finishes with some exceptional outsider folk, five tunes with which I have fallen in love since I have discovered them. The Blue Pioneers and Sandy Lee deliver remarkable examples of beautiful home made recordings. Song for stormy simply had to be the final song on this album.

A fact which should be mentioned (and which makes me proud to be honest) is that many of the songs have not found its way onto a compilation album yet. Rarity was not the prime reason though, however some of the original records do not turn up often and thus might be considered 'rare'. During the whole process of working on this project I have had listened to this selection at least a hundred times. For some reason I am still not tired of it and this is what I hope for you to experience as well.

Roman Bloecker - February 2017