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Lone Shark - Synchromatic

Lone Shark


Pyramid Transmissions

Released: 8th December 2008 | 4 track leftfield/idm ep
Lone Shark (aka Ed Kelly) is a London-based composer, multi-instrumentalist, engineer, teacher and music software developer. This is his third release on Pyramid Transmissions, currently regarded as 'one of the most on form electro labels' (DJ Magazine). Taking his influences from the likes of Black Dog, Larry Heard, Stravinsky and Squarepusher, this EP flits between the abstract and the deeply funky. 'Battle Gongs' features Lone Shark's trademark lush harmonics and organic glitchy beats. 'D-Spot' and 'Krunk' both enter 4/4 territory; the former a warm and fuzzy house cut with an infectious, off-kilter jazz hook; the later a more upbeat Detroit thumper, complete with spiralling melodies and bursts of castanets. Lastly, 'Pirates' sails the high seas with angular electro beats, synthy arpeggios and heady, sinuous waveforms.