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Vetrix - Next Phaser


Next Phaser

Pyramid Transmissions

Released: 30th November 2009 | 4 track laptronica ep
Vetrix is a Lisbon based producer and sound designer who marks his debut on the mighty Pyramid Transmissions with this 4 track EP. Influenced by a wide array of artists, Vetrix's music is an unusual hybrid of genres, with elements of IDM, electro, breaks and techno all shining through. This EP comes correct with a combination of intricate rhythms, warm melodies and glitchy abstractions – 'Dirty Oranges' features buzzing pads, mangled samples and modulating synth lines; 'NextPhaser-Leader1' is a hauntingly lush affair, complete with a bubbling bassline and diamond cut rhythms; Ramping up the pace, 'Myon Zekt' clocks in at 150bpm with some particularly angry sounding 303s; And to round off proceedings, we hurtle off into the ether with the intergalactic funk of 'Molecular (des)Integration'.